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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Government that works

   Remember when I posted a few weeks ago about a dangerous curve for users of a path maintained by Howard County Parks and Rec that is shown above?

Pedestrians and runners were at danger of being run over by bikers coming around the blind curve.

     I am happy to report that after a discussion with Neal Hollingshead with Howard County Government the picture below shows how this issue has been addressed. The brush that obscured the view coming around the corner has been corrected so that it is now safer for users of the trail.

   Other corner areas have also had brush cleared out to make them safer too.

       We too often hear complaints about government and their inaction.  I thought it was good to show that in Howard County you can get a response to an area of concern.  Kudos to our local government employees.


   It looks like the recent dry weather allowed the ground to absorb much of our 6" rainfall on Tuesday.  I had expected to see a lot more water damage along the trail on Wednesday.

    For the most part this damage was from previous storms this Spring.



Anonymous said...

Yet another excuse to clear for humans and at expense of the environment.

duanestclair said...

The vegetation will grow back but at a height that will still make the path safer.

Anonymous said...

If the bikers would go at a decent speed, no problem.