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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Howard County trash and recycling pickups sliding this week

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26, 2015
Your collection day this week is:
Monday Monday
Tuesday Tuesday
Wednesday Wednesday
Thursday moved to Friday, November 27
Friday moved to Saturday, November 28


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My idea of a Thanksgiving treat

    While watching Diners, Drive-Ins' and Dives recently the show visited a restaurant called Funk'n Waffles in Syracuse NY that had a dish called the Jive Turkey shown above.  It is made with stuffing waffle w/ smoked turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy.

 Never knew you could make a waffle out of stuffing?  Guess what I will be making on Friday?

    Huh. Did not know that

     Did you know that the TV dinners of our childhood came about because Swanson Foods misjudged how many turkeys they could sell in 1953.  They used the extra turkey meat to create the first TV dinners and a new convenient meal product was created.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Weekend commentary

   I guess it is a good thing that I have Facebook friends that cut across the political landscape but this past week I have found myself having to resist the urge to hide many of them because of their posts on the refugee resettlement issue.  Never has it been so clear that we live in a very divided country when our politics and moral values seem so different. What causes that dividing line to be so stark? Below is just one example of what I mean.

    So when I saw this writing posted on Facebook I thought it captured my sentiment so well that I wanted to share it.

"I'm done with polite, apolitical vaguebooking right now. There are so many smugly hateful messages on my Facebook feed, and I'm not going to get into it with each and every one of you, but here is the bottom line:

There is no reason, not one single reason, why I deserve shelter, food, stability, safety, health, or your regard any more than any given Syrian refugee. Not one reason. My home, my education, my business; the way I look, the way I talk; the fact that I come home to a safe, whole, healthy family every day--every one of those things is a privilege that I fell into by the random circumstance of being born in this country to parents who valued academic achievement. I, or you, could have just as easily been born in Syria, or Burkina Faso, or Afghanistan. Do you really think that you're a different kind of human being than the refugees? Do you think your privilege is earned?

I know: you've worked hard for what you have. I have, too. But have we worked harder than the refugees worked for the lives that were destroyed? Do we love our children more than they do; would we grieve harder if a civil war took them away from us? And how long do you believe it would take for a bomb to destroy everything safe about your life?

Compared to most people in the world, you and I are rich with privilege, much of it just because we were lucky enough to be born in a country fat with it. I woke up early this morning and made organic, whole-grain muffins for my son, then dressed him in warm clothes, put sunscreen on his little face, strapped and buckled him into his bike seat and rode along peaceful streets to deliver him at his warm, nurturing preschool. There were so many levels on which I was able to protect him. Every breath of this morning was a privilege. Meanwhile millions of children who months ago had bedrooms and dinner tables and doctors and schools are sleeping directly on the ground, their parents unable to secure shelter or food for them, much less healthcare or education.

And no, that is not your fault. But that's not the same as it not being our responsibility. We have everything we need and then so much on top of that, and we can choose to exemplify to our own children one of two courses of action: we can open our clutched fists and share with our fellow humans all the abundance that exists here--or we can hoard it, greedy and bloated and fearful.

These are families like yours. Thinking they might have connections to terrorist factions is as rational as thinking you might be a terrorist because Timothy McVeigh was American. Half of the refugees are children. What is it in you that can close your eyes to other human beings, especially human beings that are small and hungry and cold?

I'm not asking you to give half of everything you have to help them, or to turn your backyard into a tent city, or to donate to causes that support efforts to protect these very vulnerable people. I'm asking you not to hate them because they need something you have. I'm asking you to recognize that the fear being built around the refugees is less about American security and more about American greed. I'm asking you to be a human being that understands every human being has basic needs and that the lucky among us can afford to share our luck to ease suffering. I'm asking you to stop thinking, posting, politicizing around the idea that we just can't help before we've taken care of our own.

Because there is no such thing as "our own." Every human is our own. Every hungry child, grieving mother, frightened husband, weary grandmother is our own. Nobody gets to pretend our world is a different world from the world that creates civil wars and bombs and hunger. We are all toeing this same precarious, shifting tightrope of a life. Anyone can fall at any time. All there is to catch us is each other."


Friday, November 20, 2015

Grottos finally in Columbia

From the Columbia Patch:
    "Columbians will no longer have to travel across the Bay Bridge for a slice of the beach life.
Grotto Pizza is coming to Minstrel Crossing on Snowden River Parkway, the Baltimore Business Journal reports.  Known for its locations at Maryland and Delaware’s beach areas, Grotto Pizza opened in Anne Arundel County in the Village at Waugh Chapel in Gambrills last year.  Success there reportedly played into the decision to expand into Howard County.  Grotto Pizza in Columbia will open in early 2016, according to the Baltimore Business Journal."

   I know I just gained 10 pounds!!   Grotto's is still number 1 for me in terms of pizza. 

     A little over 4 years ago this is how I rated pizzas I have eaten:
My top pizzas in order of preference:
1) Grottos—Any one who has been to the Delaware Beaches knows how good this is. If you want to bring the cheese and sauce home with you one Grottos sells the sauce and cheese at Grottos at 22925 Sussex Highway Seaford, Delaware. Coming back from the beach on 404 turn left onto Rt 13 and go down about 4 or 5 miles.
2) Lombardi’s in New York- any pizza
3) Giordano’s in Chicago- Stuffed pizza where one piece fills you up
4) 2 Amys in DC- Margarita Extra
5) Pizza Paradiso in DC- Quattro Formaggi or the Bottarga
6) Bertucci’s- Best of the local pizza places—love the Margarita

    Today I would have to add Duetto's in Key West to the list.

   I am not sure exactly where on Minstrel Way they will be.  In the 3 Brothers location?