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Friday, February 21, 2020

Merriweather development images

Image result for merriweather post crescent development

   It is hard not to go to the Merriweather Post Pavilion area without noticing all the new buildings that are transforming the area with remarkable speed.  A new downtown Columbia is taking shape.  Here are some images of what the future there will look like.


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Why does Maryland keep getting left out?

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     So here Maryland voters go again watching all the candidates fawn over the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire as if they had some right to be more important than voters here in Maryland.  Do you enjoy being a non-entity in our political process?  After watching the 88% white voters in Iowa and 91% white voters in New Hampshire get to have a disproportionate influence on choosing Presidential candidates I wonder why we as citizens of a diverse state like Maryland haven't figured out a method to not get overlooked each election cycle?  Our primary will occur on the same day as New York and Pennsylvania.   Which states do you think the candidates will spend their time in?  Our primary will possibly occur after the Democrat nominee is already determined. 
     We probably couldn't do a primary as the national political parties wouldn't sanction us moving in front of those two states.  But what would stop a group like the Maryland League of Women Voters or  Maryland Common Cause organizing a caucus system in every jurisdiction in Maryland to see which candidates resonate with our diverse population?  We have rural, suburban and urban citizens.  Caucus sites could be churches or libraries. Of course, no delegates would be awarded but only a handful of delegates are awarded in the first two states mentioned earlier so delegates are incidental in the influence of those two earlier states.  What do you think would happen if a group were to organize this type of caucus in November of the year presiding the election.  Don't you think that some of the candidates at least would show up at Maryland county fairs rather than all go to Iowa's State Fair?  All the candidates want to get the first "bump" of the election season so why shouldn't Maryland give the Country a truly more representative result?  We should we sit by tweedling our thumbs while others get the attention they don't deserve.  Come on Maryland we need to take back our voice!


Saturday, February 8, 2020

What a President and a demagogue sound like

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      Republicans like to point to Bill Clinton when defending Trump's actions.  And there was a lot wrong with Clinton and his behavior.  But the differences in the two men were never more clear when looking at the two men's reactions after they were acquitted by the Senate.  Here are the two reactions.  First Clinton  Second Trump

     Now comes the retributions for people opposing Trump.  Listen at the 7-minute point in this link to Vindman's testimony and hear how what he describes as what happens in Russia now happens in the United States.  Trump's friend Putin is now his model for how to deal with people who stand up against you.  People thought it was going overboard when many of us re-read Orwell's 1984 book when Trump was elected.  It doesn't seem that way anymore.

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