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Friday, February 17, 2017

Gun advocates in their alternative world

      Yes, we live a liberal bubble in Columbia.  A trip to many other parts of our Country shows how different we are.  The picture above was taken in Florida, a gun loving, stand your ground kinda place.  That is a non functional weapon on top of this Jeep.  It was proudly parked outside a guns and ammo store.  I kinda expected a bumper sticker on the Jeep that said "My other vehicle is a tank."
      I have long recognized that I will never fully comprehend the mentality of people living in the 21 Century thinking that carrying guns for personal protection, like it was the 19th Century in the Wild West, makes sense.   I can understand hunters and other recreational users of guns.  As a former hunter/gun owner who grew up in a rural area I knew many people who owned guns for those purposes.  I can't imagine any of them ever thought of packing a sidearm when they went to town. It's the concealed weapons, stand your ground advocates that I don't understand.
       The latest example of distorted thinking was the recent House Republicans voting to give people the Social Security Administration has determined to be mentally incompetent to handle their own affairs the right to own a weapon.   I know that the NRA feels that any, and I do mean any, restrictions on owning a weapon is a slippery slope they will fight us going down.


This is who supposedly need extreme vetting

But not this person

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Read Dr. Seuss at a local elementary school


    The United Way of Central Maryland is sponsoring events in our area to read a Dr. Seuss book at a local elementary school on March 2nd.   This is an opportunity to engage with local elementary school students in a fun way with the zaniness of Dr. Seuss.  Here are the links to volunteer at 2 local elementary schools.   I will be at Talbott Springs Elementary.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Image result for #resist
  You knew if was only a matter of time until Meetup groups would start forming to organize against the craziness of the Trump Administration.   The groups are organizing around the hashtag #resist.

     Somehow putting a bumper sticker on your car that says "Don't blame me I voted for Her" doesn't seem to be a strong enough protest.  There are a couple of #Resist Meetup groups that are forming locally.  The Ellicott City group seems to have a number of members but no mention of a meeting.   The Columbia group has a meeting scheduled at Wegman's for next Wednesday February 22nd. 
    Does anyone know of other opposition efforts locally?

    Seriously folks can you imagine how many Congressional investigations would have been held by now if Clinton would have contacts with Russian officials like the Trump Administration?  I am still waiting "to get sick of winning."


Monday, February 6, 2017

Now is the time to rewatch the movie "The Big Short"

      Now that Trump has issued an Executive Order undoing some of the regulations of the Dodd Frank law because some of his wealthy friends can't get loans, it might be a good time to watch a movie that shows why those friends shouldn't get those loans to bring down our banking system.  "The Big Short" shows how you can manipulate the system to steal other people's investments and enrich yourself.  The movie is a little hard to follow in some ways but the message that is clear many in the investment business have the power to bring down our financial system if left unchecked.  Amazing how short our memories can be.  Think it can't happen again?

     Here is an explanation of the law.

Sunday, February 5, 2017