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Monday, August 4, 2014

Howard County Fair Week

      This week brings the annual Howard County Fair.  This year being an election year expect to see a great deal of candidates for local offices.  While we have moved past our agricultural roots in most of the eastern part of our County it is nice to see how agriculture still is part of the daily lives of some of our western County residents.

     And who doesn't love the fried Oreos!  Healthy Howard gets put away for a week when you walk down the food lane at the Fair.
     One of the nice features that I noticed in looking over the Fair information is that there are times that you can ride all the rides for one fixed price.  Tuesday the one fixed price is $12.  I remember taking children to the Fair and spending a lot more than that for the few rides they rode.
       For those looking for a little car destruction the monster trucks are new this year for a price.  Other contests are listed in their attraction section.


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