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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Path around Lake Kittamaqundi

      On Sunday the warm weather drew me out for a walk and I chose the path along Lake Kittamaqundi over to Wilde Lake.  Not having been on that path I was pleased to see how well the dredging of Lake Kittamaqundi had improved the lake.  Areas that were beginning to fill in with sediment are now clear water areas.
      The Columbia Association has commissioned a study to look at having the path system around the lake go completely around the lake.  It now goes only about 2/3 of way.  The path system would have to go around some environmentally sensitive areas and the consultant submitted 3 proposed path systems.
The 3 designs below were recently shown in a Columbia Patch article.

   The consultant recommended the first alignment because it is the most cost efficient and longest path.  The third alignment actually has a bridge across the middle of the lake.

There will be a presentation to the Town Center Village Board on March 27th and if approved the construction of the path would begin in the Summer of 2014.

   I blogged recently about the Patuxent Branch Trail shown above and the time to advocate for County funding for this trail is coming up soon.  I received the following information from Jane Dembner at the Columbia Association:

    "It's budget season for Howard County Government, and there are a few notable projects in the proposed budget that could help make Columbia awesome. We're particularly excited about a proposed pathway (pictured) that would connect Downtown Columbia with Lake Elkhorn and the Patuxent Branch Trail that runs all the way to Savage. There is also funding to continue construction at Blandair Park and for renovations at the Central and East Columbia Libraries.

    If you support any of the projects, please make your voice heard! Attend the public hearing on March 11 or submit testimony online here: you need to say is: "I support the Patuxent Branch Trail Extension/Library improvements/Blandair Park because it/they would help make Columbia awesome!" 

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