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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Carrying your doctor in your pocket?

     Anyone who has followed this blog realizes that I am fascinated with how the digital revolution is fast changing our lives.  Today I wanted to share some information that dramatically changes how health care may be delivered in the future with a smart phone.  In the picture above from MobileUS apparently apps can be developed to be used with attachments to a smart phone to do ultrasounds and  EKGs and replace many of the pieces of diagnostic equipment that are only available today in a doctor's office or a hospital.  Why would a doctor use a stethoscope when they can get an ultrasound at no cost? As Dr. Eric Topol showed in a recent Rock Center episode the medical technology is fast developing for smart phones.
     This technology even has the possibility of being available to patients as well as doctors.  We already have the phone being used for doctors to check pacemakers over the phone. Is it not impossible to see the day when sensors built into the backs of smart phones could be used with apps to gather information that can now only be collected in a doctors office.  Sending this information by email to your doctor could be a lifesaver when you are a distance from the doctor. This could be a game changer for medical personnel in underdeveloped countries without convenient medical equipment.
     Not sure of changes in your hearing or vision? There are currently apps that can test hearing and vision that can be utilized by anybody. Heart rate and pulse monitors have been used by athletes for a number of years. This technology is quickly being adapted for the smartphone.  Just as we once had to buy a GPS, a camera and movie camera now smart phones have replaced these items.  Soon smart phones and apps will replace all types of medical equipment.  A doctor in your pocket may be a reality for all of us in the not too distant future.

Something that no drunk Raven's fan should try to celebrate the Super Bowl victory.

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One final dance for Ray.

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