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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Football withdrawal Sunday

        I have to say that this Sunday seems somewhat flat without the excitement of a Ravens game.  The euphoria of the the past week seems like a distant memory.  Just a few last thoughts on the week's events.
    First it was hard not to see how the Super Bowl commentators were trying hard to play up Colin  Kaepernick as the future of quarterbacks in the NFL.  Football prognosticators  have been predicting that mobile quarterbacks are the future since Fran Tarkenton played in the 1960's.  Yes it is exciting to see a quarterback scramble and run like a Michael Vick or a RGIII but can you remember a quarterback with their style winning a Super Bowl?  The drop back quarterback like Joe Flacco is still the model of the most successful quarterbacks.
    Second, after snubbing Baltimore twice in awarding new franchises, the Baltimore Ravens give the NFL a thumb in the eye by winning two Super Bowls and having 250,000 people out on Tuesday to celebrate.  Really, were Jacksonville and Charlotte better football towns?  I just wished someone would have pointed this out to Commissioner Goodell on Sunday.  Baltimore has enough unfair image problems without the NFL looking at them as a second rate city for a franchise.  Baltimore realized the only way they would get back into the NFL was to steal a team from another city.

   My daughter, who lives in San Francisco, said that everyone in that city can't accept that they were beaten by a better team.  They apparently feel that they will just have to wait another year and the Super Bowl win they should of had this year will be theirs.  She also said that there have been many insults of the city of Baltimore in the local media.  Folks in San Francisco can be snobby about their city.

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Baltimore News Journal said...

It was very difficult to make it through the day without watching a Ravens game. It's always tough to transition to Sundays without football. On the bright side, the Ravens' amazing run took us into February, so Spring Training begins in just a couple of days!