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Friday, February 22, 2013

La Madeleine: A different place for breakfast

     Somehow nothing like sleeping in and then going out to breakfast on a weekend is one of life's little pleasures.  At one time we used to go out for breakfast before work every Friday as a nice preview of the weekend.  Breakfast then used to be at Friendly's in Dobbin Center.  Breakfast choices were more limited back then.  With the closing of Friendly's we were left to moving around.  Somehow Bob Evan's never really excited us with its menu choices.  We didn't want to always go to Eggspectation which always have been a favorite of our family.  Diners (Double T being our usual choice) are OK but ordinary after awhile.  
     A few months ago wanting to go someplace we hadn't been to in awhile we went back to La Madeleine. Not having been there for some time we were confused with the ordering process.  We were handed a menu and ordered from the menu before sitting down.  You can also just go down the buffet type line and order items already made up.
    Being a cold winter morning we opted to sit next to the fireplace which was a very cozy French inn type of seating arrangement.  Certainly an upgrade from a diner!
    The usual breakfast fare is also an upgrade from the typical diner fare.  Omelettes came with a good portion of fillings.This being a French themed restaurant you would expect very good croissants and La Madeleine delivers with the best ones you will ever have.  Light and flaky you are tempted to buy some to take home.
     One of the great things about Columbia is that with some looking around you can always find diversity in places to eat.  La Madeleine is place to remember for a different breakfast place on one of our remaining cold mornings.

Anyone of a certain age will remember Sam Cooke's music in today's video.

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