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Friday, February 15, 2013

Howard County's Solar Buildings

    I was driving by the the new Savage Fire Department building off Route 1 and noticed the solar panels on top of the building.  
Bain Center
Central Library
    I have blogged about how the County built buildings back in the 1980's with roofs that were designed to have solar panels installed at some future date.  The Bain Center and Central Library were designed this way.  It is nice to see that solar panels are now being used on new buildings.
   It was also interesting to see that unlike in the 1980's buildings you don't have to have the roofs slanted at the right angle you can just use metal frames that position the panels at the right angle.

From the Women's Giving Circle:


Dates: July 14 –July 20,2013
Location: Washington College in Chestertown,MD
Eligibility: Journey is a specially designed program experience for young women from Howard County. It is sponsored by the Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County. Eligible applicants are residents of Howard County and will be entering the 8th or 9th grade in the 2013-2014 academic year.
To Apply: Please download the 2013 Journey Application,complete it and return it to MLW,P.O. Box 1792,Germantown,MD 20875 by March 28,2013.
Cost and Scholarship Information: The cost of the camp is $700.  Financial assistance is available.  If you are interested,please complete the additional 2013 MLW Journey Scholarship Application and mail it to the address above by March 22,2013. Please note that for this program,scholarships are awarded by The Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County.
Applicants accepted for the program will be required to follow the Rules and Expectations (see 2012 rules here) for the program.
Description: At this unique program,each student identifies her own leadership skills,strengths,and weaknesses in a supportive and fun environment,which fosters increased self-esteem and confidence. This program is tailored to meet the needs and experiences of girls in middle and high school. Graduates of Journey are equipped with leadership skills to enhance their schools and communities.

2011 Journey Delegates and Staff

Journey program components include:
- Workshops on empowerment and motivation,communication,decision making skills,group dynamics,self-awareness,goal setting,and conflict resolution
- Small and large group projects for girls to apply and get feedback on their leadership and interpersonal skills
- One-on-one interactions between staff and girls to address specific areas of growth for the individual and identify an action plan for post-site implementation
- Recreational activities such as swimming and athletics and team building games and activities,including a Confidence Course
Applicants should have some previous experience in leading her peers,a willingness to try new experiences in a safe environment,and a desire to serve her community.
For more information about Journey or learning about the MLW Community Outreach Program,please contact"

P.S. 1
If you are a biker you might want to fill out the Maryland survey for a Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan

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