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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dredgers pull up at Lake Elkhorn

  About a week ago I happened to come across some workers with the dredging operation at Lake Elkhorn pulling up some of the pipes used in the dredging.  The workers said they were off to Florida where it was warmer.  I wasn't sure if they were done until I received an email from David Greisman at the Columbia Association today.
As David indicated:
         "Dredging has been completed at Lake Elkhorn, the last of Columbia’s three man-made lakes to have sediment removed over the past few years, according to Dennis Mattey, director of construction for Columbia Association (CA). JND Thomas began its dredging work at the 37-acre Lake Elkhorn began in late July 2012. The contractor finished in early February and is in the process of moving equipment off-site, with all equipment expected to be removed by early March. Restoration work associated with re-establishing the existing parking lot and pathways off Broken Land Parkway is expected to begin in mid to late March and be completed 75 days thereafter."

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