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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

When wrong proportionality defines a crisis

     We now have an Ebola czar when the number of Americans that have died from Ebola is zero.  Ebola is a serious health care issue that has to be addressed before it becomes a significant issue in our Country.  However, every year in our Country 45,000 people die from a preventable cause yet no national czar has been appointed to address this health crisis.  The 45,000 die from a lack of health insurance to receive medical treatment.   The irony is that many of the same elected officials calling for an Ebola czar are the same officials who have tried to demonize the Affordable Heath Care program by labeling it Obamacare and have stopped getting a new Surgeon General appointed.  It is hard to know exactly how well the new Affordable Health Care program will lower the 45,000 unnecessary deaths but the reduction in the number of uninsured in our Country would seem to be a first step in addressing the issue.  I just wish the 24 hour news cycle found it as sexy to talk about a crisis that exists today as much as they like to drive our fear of a potential crisis with Ebola.  All I am saying is that setting priorities on using our public dollar resources in addressing health care needs should bare some resemblance to the size of the problem.

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