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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

8 things I will never understand about our culture

    A few weeks ago a fellow blogger (Claire MCGill, aka ukdesperatehousewife) blogged about customs in the United States that the English can't understand.  This got me thinking that as someone born in the United States there are great many cultural things about the US that I DON"T UNDERSTAND!  I have always tried to look at others habits and beliefs with the "different strokes for different folks" mentality.  Anyway, I started to make a list of the things I don't understand and thought is might take a couple weeks to come up with  a list.  It only took a little over one day.  Here is the list I came up with.

Shrines at the scene of fatal accidents

   I understand wanting to have a way to memorialize family and friends who have died in a traffic accident but having to drive by the scene regularly and be reminded of the tragedy seems to only prolong the grief.  Wouldn't there be a more positive way to remember and memorialize the person's memory?

Decals representing family makeup

    I put this trend in the same category as the "baby on board" signs.  Cute family but what's the point of doing this??

Calvin and Hobbes peeing decals

   OK I can take the cute family decals as being friendly but I seriously question anyone stupid enough to have one of these Calvin and Hobbes "peeing on something characters."  These seem to be a way to say you hate some sports team or someone else's choice in trucks.  Of course this says something about the crudeness of the people with these decals.


    I know I like some gross looking foods like oysters but I can't image how you develop a taste for a food product made of animal scraps and cornmeal.  At least they put food coloring and spices in hot dogs to cover up the taste and appearance of what you are eating.  With scrapple that seems to be unnecessary.

Hummer drivers 

   Where do I begin with understanding Hummer drivers?  It is just too easy to assume these drivers are overcompensating for some major ego deficiency.   Wouldn't seeing a shrink be more productive in addressing their deficiency?  And better for our environment.

The love of guns

   I know that I am touching a sensitive subject with this one.  I put this one right after the Hummer one as I think they have the same origin.  I have to say that I grew up in rural Pennsylvania where every boy became initiated into manhood at the age of 12 when you could go hunting with your father.  I remember the thrill of seeing a deer in the woods and taking a shot.  But after a couple of unsuccessful hunts I began to realize that hunting didn't make any sense for me as I developed other less brutal interests and saw guns in a different light.  I am someone who now believes that we would be a much, much better country without any guns.   I know that we would have another Civil War if you tried to move in that direction and join the rest of the civilized world.

High heels

Putting body fat in your lips
   I hate to pick on women because usually they are much more civilized then men in their life choices and habits (see above about Hummers and guns).  I know that the fashions and things women do to "supposedly" improve their appearance are done mainly for men but destroying your foot arches and swelling your lips seem to be going to extremes.  Maybe I am not the norm in men but I would admire a woman more who wore comfortable shoes and didn't feel the need readjust their body's fat content.
   OK that is my list.  Did I miss any?

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