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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Volunteers needed to monitor water quality in local streams

 How well do you know the water quality of local streams?   The Howard County Watershed Management Academy is looking for volunteers to help monitor the quality of the water in Howard County streams. A new app has been developed to do this monitoring.

      Here is the information on the trainings offered this week on the use of the app.

"Learn about the Office of Environmental Sustainability’s (OES) newly developed application for your smart phone. The stream mAPPer is a smart phone app that allows you to monitor streams in as little as 5 minutes. Come to the OES public training session to learn how to use the stream mAPPer! Light snacks will be provided.

There will be 6 Sessions in the few days at County Libraries --"



The Baltimore Sun group is hosting a County Executive debate tonight at the Miller Library.

P.S.1Someone sent this to me yesterday and it did make me think about our recent headlines.

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