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Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Tell HoCo" App works

    I have blogged before on the new "Tell HoCo" app that is a convenient way to get the County to respond to an issue.   Last week I decided to try it and see how well it works.

    The tree above along a County path is dead and I have been waiting for it to come down in a wind storm.  After taking a picture of the tree and sending it to the County using the app I got a quick reply that it was assigned to a County employee to address.  Within a couple hours I got another email that it was given to a County contractor to remove.  I will wait to see how long it is to take down but the response was very good. Try the app and see how it works.  Again it might be good for other organizations to develop to an app like this to be responsive.

    The Choose Civility presentation is being live streamed on the Library's  You
Tube channel.


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Thanks for sharing this! Looks very useful.