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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Google and wind power come to our beaches

      With the smaller crowds at the beach in the Fall Google Maps streetview descended on Rehoboth and Dewey Beach this week.   They prefer these times because they don't want people in the pictures.  They have to blur out faces when there are people in their street view pictures.

     We were on the beach when the vehicle stopped by us and we began to wave thinking maybe we would be in the street view.

No luck they just put a stake in the ground to mark where they would have to come back when there were no people.

   They update their street views of the beach every year or two.

   With this week's clear weather the horizon was clear enough to make out objects on the horizon. Looking north along the horizon it seemed as if there were buildings on the horizon.  Could they be buildings at Cape May New Jersey?  Getting out my telephoto lens the picture above shows that they are not buildings but windmills being built off the Delaware coast.  

   Not to be outdone it looks like Maryland is moving ahead with our planned windmills off of Ocean City.  Above is a foggy view of a structure that maybe related to the windmill construction.
     The times they are a changin' at the beach.


   Lunar eclipse this morning.

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