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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reading more in the New Year


    We have all seen how difficult it is to keep our New Year's resolutions.  The gyms around our area will have their busiest usage months in January.  I remember when it was always hard to get a treadmill at the Athletic Club every January.  By February things were always back to normal.  So with this caution in mind I have made a resolution to read at least one hour a day.  And to not have this be the hour before bedtime as this tends to be shortened by sleepy eyes.
      In Howard County we are fortunate to have a library system that makes popular books easily available.  Putting books on reserve means you don't have to buy books to keep up with your reading choices.  This was the reality that motivated me to join the Friends of the Library.  My method to contribute to the Friends is to have an automatic charge to my credit card each month.  This makes it easy to contribute without having to think about it each year.  This is the best investment I make each month. Under the "select the payment plan" select the month donation under the "donation frequency" drop down menu

    Listen to what the Friends are doing.


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