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Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodby Kids: Red Robin goes for a more adult crowd

      Walking into the Red Robin off Snowden River recently I noticed the changing decor and new menus.  From the picture above you can see that the chairs are now more "lounge-like" and many of the family sized booths are gone.  Apparently Red Robin has decided to go after a more adult crowd.  They are hoping to serve more alcohol and have a new partnership with the Sam Adams brewery. Apparently kids milkshakes have a lower profit margin than alcohol.  The new logo and signage will be Red Robin Burgers and Brew.  The Columbia restaurant is one of their test restaurants to determine if this will be system wide in their 471 restaurants.   Some changes to the ceilings do make the noise level lower in the restaurant.  Apparently the employees were asked to reapply and not all were hired back.  Not sure what will happen to the Red Robin mascot.  Look for prices to only go up.

    I thought we already had this type of restaurant in Columbia with the Green Turtle.

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