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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lessons learned from "fat city"

    One of the nice things about a snow day is that you catch up on things you have not had time for before.  I am a real fan of the TED Conference talks and have a ton of them on my MP3 player.  Yesterday I enjoyed walking around Lake Elkhorn and listening to some of them.
     I one that I enjoyed the most I wanted to share.  It is with the mayor of Oklahoma City and his talk is about their efforts to become a healthier city by losing weight after they were named one of the most obese cities in the Country.  His humor is great and shows how you can inspire a community to collectively accomplish great things once you set a goal.  Here is a link to his talk.


   I couldn't help but notice how our sky was filled with jet contrails on Monday.  I wasn't sure why they were so numerous so I Googled contrails and saw this:

"A thin, short-lived contrail indicates low-humidity air at high altitude, a sign of fair weather, whereas a thick, long-lasting contrail reflects humid air at high altitudes and can be an early indicator of a storm."

So were the contrails a forewarning of our storm yesterday?

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