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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Howard County Restaurant week recommendation


    Like many businesses January can be a real downtime.   The shock of looking at January credit card bills can make us prone to close our wallets for the month.  This is especially true for discretionary spending like eating out.  So it is not surprising that a few years ago restaurants got together and came up with the idea of restaurant weeks in January. This week and next are the weeks for Howard County's Restaurant Week. For a fixed price you had an opportunity to have 3 and 4 course meals at one fixed price.  While most of the fixed price meals tend to be in the 40-50 dollar range you can find a few that have opted for  a lower price by offering a lunch prix fixe menu.  One that I would recommend is Baldwin Station.

      If you haven't been to Baldwin's Station in Sykesville, right over the Howard County line, you have missed one of the more unique dining experiences in our area.

     Converted from an old passenger train station into a restaurant that will take you back into a period of train travel that has long since disappeared.

You might even watch one of the remaining freight trains passing by.


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