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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nora's Bakery and Cafe


    My search for good places for breakfast led me again to Ellicott City and Nora's Cafe and Bakery. I learned about Nora's when I got a Groupon for dinner. A $25 Goupon gets $56 worth of food for dinner.  Not a bad deal but with the dinner items 2 people would be hard pressed to spend that much.
     While Columbia seems to be the location for chain restaurants, the Route 40 corridor seems to be a haven for ethnic run places.  While some combine multiple ethnic foods, Nora's stays strictly to traditional American fare.
     We have come to expect to spend almost at much for breakfast as dinner in many of our restaurants, especially when they charge $2.50 or $3 for coffee.  Nora's is a good choice that doesn't have to break the bank for breakfast. Most breakfast items in the $5-$10 range. Nora's breakfast specials are priced from $7.50 to $10.50 and that includes coffee or tea.

    Most of the $10 breakfast choices come with a bagel or toast. The toast is not your average toast.  As you can see above the portions are large.  Definitely worth a return trip to try the pancakes or french toast.

     The pastry counter was hard to pass up but a definite choice if you are looking for something to go with coffee. Couldn't some of Columbia's village centers be locations for more of these locally owned types of establishments?
   Final selling point for Nora's?  We noticed 5 police cars parked outside the restaurant at 7:15 in the morning.  Yup, they were all in Nora's having breakfast.  I will always try any breakfast place frequented by police.

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Jessie Newburn said...

Hi Duane, Great post. I always feel like I need to look to Baltimore for a good breakfast place, so thanks for the tip! I also appreciate your using the local tags bloggers can insert in their posts to redirect them into different categories on HoCoBlogs. And we have a handful more of them now -

While HoCoFood@@@ will still work, I'd like to start moving people over to using #HoCoFood (not case sensitive).

Thanks, and see you around!