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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Royal Taj---again the best in Indian food

     We in Howard County have become spoiled by our choices in ethnic food restaurants.  Where once we had a limited selection of the old stand bys of Chinese, Italian and Mexican we know have a rich diversity of choices that include Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, British (does this count as 'ethnic?'), Korean and many more.  Where we once had to travel to Baltimore or DC we know can drive a few miles locally and park for free to enjoy great ethnic food.  We know longer ask "Which restaurant do you want to go to" but "Which ethnic cuisine shall we try?"  I haven't been to an "American" restaurant in some time.  Just too many alternative choices.
    We seem to be on an Indian kick lately.  Mango Grove, House of India and Royal Taj keep coming up when we go out.  While all are good and the buffets that each offer are enough to have you gain 10 or 15 pounds we rate the Royal Taj slightly ahead of the others.  The service at "the Taj" is outstanding and often appetizer and dessert samples are given free of charge.  This is smart management because we often order these on our next visit.  Just a heads up on a visit to the Royal Taj, especially on a weekend, there are often lines outside waiting to get in.  We go early (they open for dinner at 5 pm) and never try on a weekend. We were fortunate to go on the recent Fourth of July and there were only 2 other tables full.
     Suggestions for food choices?

   Chicken Tikka Masala is not to be missed.  Order the naan bread to dip in the sauce of this dish and you will not be disappointed.   Chicken Korma is a good second choice as is any Tandoor choices. Any of the appetizer choices are great but I usually stay away from the samosas as they are a little too greasy for me.  I can't leave without order a Mango Lassi drink.  I usually end up drinking a little then adding some water from my water glass to make the drink last a little longer.  I also like the drink a little thinner than the thickness of the drink.  Desserts are Gulab Jamun and Kheer.

TripAdvisor seems to agree with me on this restaurant choice.

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Dianne said...

My coworkers and I used to rotate between the other local Indian restaurants but since Royal Taj opened, we have not wanted to go anywhere else. This place rocks.