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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 things you learn taking grandkids to the beach

     Last week we took four of our grandsons to the beach.  We survived!  Last fall on a trip to the beach (sans children) we noticed how many grandparents were there with their pre-school grandchildren.  This got us thinking that maybe we should try this with our grandkids.  A trip to the beach without kids is all about having a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk, coffee in our favorite shop and a nice dinner in a restaurant with white tablecloths.  None of these are experienced with kids.  Here are 5 things we relearned (from when our kids were young) on this vacation.

1) Somehow the child that wasn't hungry for the tuna fish sandwich on the beach is suddenly starving when you pass an ice cream shop.

2) This one is related to the first one.  Never expect a kid to eat an ice cream cone fast enough in 98 degree weather.
3) No matter how diligently you apply sunscreen you will always miss one spot that will turn very red back at the hotel.  This trip it was ears.
4) Cold ocean water makes it difficult for kids to pee in the ocean.  Of course this was after one of the kids didn't realize you didn't have to pull down your swim trunks to do this.
5) Boardwalk arcades are worse than casinos for taking your money quickly. How do you tell a child that the games are designed to not give them the big stuffed animal they want?

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