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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Facebook typing

       Facebook---love it and hate it.  Most of us have this love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I hate how they are trying to "monitize" Facebook by showing ads from companies I didn't "like."  Much of the disappointment with the price of the Facebook stock has been their inability to generate online revenue.  The part of Facebook that I like is that I find out what is happening in our community by the number of organizations that I have "liked."  Many of these events show up in this blog.
        So what is Facebook "typing?"  You can recognize the following users of Facebook.
1) "Voyeurs"--- This group makes up a large part of Facebook users.  They look at and follow many other Facebook users but never post anything themselves.  They like to remain anonymous while they follow what is happening to others.  This group is probably made up of the older aged users who are not as open about their livers.
2) "Look at me"--- As opposed to the older users described in the first group this group is mostly younger users who have grown up with social media and our lack of privacy.  They post frequently about the most mundane  aspects of their lives.  You know, the ones that tell you what their boring lives are like, what they had for lunch and where they are going tomorrow.  I have most of these folks hidden.
3) "Pinterest"---- These are some of the most annoying Facebook users.  They are always women who post recipes of some of the most unhealthful foods possible and craft projects in which only other women would have in interest.  Heart attacks and strokes have to be in this groups future.
4) "Political opinion"--- My Facebook friends are a very diverse group politically.  My high school friends and people from other sections of the Country tend to be politically conservative.  Don't even get me started on my Facebook friends from Texas!  My more recent friends and Howard County friends tend to be more liberal.
5) "Game Players"--- You know they folks.  They were all playing "FarmVille" and "CoasterVille."  I really could care less how many points they made in these games.  Do the makers of these games force you to post your results to all your Facebook friends?

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