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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Netflix and House of Cards

     Remember the days of just 3 networks producing television content?  Then Fox entered the scene to make it four.  In the past 10 years the premium channels like HBO and Showtime provided a venue for more adult content and themes.  Recently Netflix has entered the field of television content.  Having heard so much about their first entry into originally produced shows, House of Cards, I decided to breakdown and get my Netflix subscription upgraded to get streaming movies to be able to watch House of Cards.  I also purchased a DVD player with wifi and blu-ray.  Somehow having to watch blu-ray movies on a computer screen instead of a large LCD screen didn't make sense.
    I watched the entire 13 episodes of House of Card in two days.  Nothing I have viewed has been this good since Homeland.  Twelve Emmy nominations for House of Cards seem to confirm the success of this show. Being familiar with much of Baltimore it was fun to see different locations in Baltimore were used as locations in DC.  Townhomes in Bolton Hill were used for homes in Georgetown or homes in Guilford representing homes in Chevy Chase.  The JHU campus was even used to represent a military school.  If you like politics in its rawest form this show can't be beat.  Don't be surprised if you end up spending hours watching a number of shows in a row.
    I am just now beginning to watch Netflix's second produced show, Orange is the New Black.  Seems like another successful series.

  Speaking of networks which network was recently the most watched.  Click here to learn the answer.

P.S. 1
   These shows may have temporarily cut into my book reading but not entirely.  "The New Digital Age" by Google Exec Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen is fascinating in how the future is being reshaped.

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Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

I agree - House of Cards is absolutely stellar. My husband didn't get off the couch for about three days while he watched that. I can't sit still for that long (unless Bradley Cooper is on the screen), so I watched it in spurts - great television.