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Friday, July 26, 2013

Great bike ride just 30 miles away

    Yesterday's weather was just too good to pass up for finally doing a bike ride that we have been talking about doing for a couple of months.  The Mount Vernon bike trail goes along the Potomac River from Roosevelt Island near Arlington Cemetery all the way to Mount Vernon.  That is about 18 miles.  We decided to go from the Dyke Marsh Preserve to Mount Vernon for about 16 miles round trip.

   We decided to go in this direction as the trail from Mount Vernon back would be more downhill.  We found this trail surprisingly rolling in some spots even though it follows the river.

     The trail has a few elevated wooden bridges as the trail goes through some marshy areas.

     The river at some points runs almost up to the trail.

Arriving at Mount Vernon gives you an opportunity to grab a bite to eat even if it is just cafeteria food.

The best thing about the trail is the shade along a good deal of the trail

And the frequent places to stop and enjoy the scenery


Lake Elkhorn beaver seems to be enjoying the nice weather too.

P.S. 1
    I haven't been doing a video of the week recently but it is time for this classic from Booker T and MG's, an oldie but goodie with its distinctive sound.

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Harry Schwarz said...

The family and I just visited Mount Vernon a couple of weeks ago and admired the bike trail as we drove. We definitely plan to return on our bikes within the next couple of months. Beautiful trail.