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Friday, November 30, 2012

Half price burger night at Coho's

    Florida is famous for its "early senior buffets" that draw in the senior citizens.  Columbia has its own version of the phenomena with Coho's half price burger night on Tuesday. While the Tuesday night crowd may have a few younger folks it is hard not to see that most of the people there are retired or approaching it.  It is hard not to run into someone you know if you are in this age cohort.  Lots of "orginal Columbians" in the the crowd. OK so by now you have probably guessed that I am a regular in this Tuesday crowd.  Good burgers at a good price are too hard to pass up.  And no buffet line to wait in. #HoCoFood

This Charlie Brown classic is a great way to start off the holiday season.

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JessieX said...

Hi Duane, I'm so happy that you posted about this. I've got my fingers crossed that some people in Hoco will take on the next wave of hocolocal content and create some FourSquare lists. I think a fun (and useful) list would be, for example, 1/2 Price Burger Nights in Hoco.

Here's an example of a local Foursquare list; it's from the Columbia Association and it's a list of all the outdoor pools.

Foursquare lists are really easy to put together if you know the information you want to put on a list. And it's free!