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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rock Creek Trail Hiking

     We have been fortunate this fall to have had weekend weather that has been ideal for hiking.  Having spent three weekends this Fall hiking the trails in Rock Creek in DC I wanted to provide some info on this great local venue for taking a hike.  This popular area for hiking has been popular with folks in the DC area for well over a hundred years.  In fact Teddy Roosevelt would often invite unsuspecting Congressmen to join him for a "hike" in Rock Creek that turned out to be more than they realized.  He often used the many horse trails that wind through the park.
    For many people the only time they have been in the Park is when they visit the National Zoo which is located in the Park.  The Zoo is a good point to start a hike on the trail as it is about the mid point of the length of the Rock Creek Trail.
   The Park has many interesting historical features like Pierce Mill pictured above.  This mill once provided flour and corn meal to early DC residents.  It is still operational for demonstrations on how these were ground.  This area also have many archaeological site for the Indians that once inhabited this area.
    With the nice weather predicted for this weekend consider a hike in the Park as a good way to enjoy one of our last warm weekends.

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