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Friday, December 14, 2012

Nothing's simple anymore

   With the opening this week of the Ale House it reminded me how times have changed. Beer drinkers now have Frisco's and the Ale House.  Wine drinkers have Iron Bridge and Aida Bistro.  Remember when you  went to a restaurant for the food and the beer choices were limited to Budweiser and Coors?  When a restaurant offered wine it was a choice between a house red and a house white?  When ordering a cup of coffee was not a choice between a Tall, Grande, Venti or Trenta? And no one had ever heard of a cappuccino!  Now you may think I am just an old out-of-date old person who longs for the "good old days."  I am exactly the opposite.  Bring on the new models with more choices than the same old bland choices.  I hope the Ale House sticks around longer than the other restaurants that have been in that location.  Or at least until the next marketing trend in restaurants.

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