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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life in the bubble

    I have been watching the Fox News channel the past few days to see how they report on the election.   It is fun to hear them explain how things went wrong for the Republicans.  As Bill Maher likes to view it the commentators on Fox live in a "conservative bubble."  They have been reporting on the "voter fraud" like it was a pervasive problem in the election.  They all talk about how the election was won because so many Americans are "takers" and needed to have the President elected to keep getting their government benefits.  Sound familiar?  Does the number 47% ring a bell? Listen to the predictions from Dick Morris.  It was fun to watch him explain his errors when the results came in.  First his predictions for the election and then listen to his explanation of where he was wrong. 

Best quote on the election came from Alec Baldwin: You know your party is in trouble when someone asks how the rape comment candidate did and you have to answer "which one?"

P.S. 1

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Anonymous said...

You live in a liberal bubble. In fact, you are one of the most delusional local bloggers in a wide pool of delusional local bloggers.

Does it bother you that Obama is murdering people with drones? Or would you rather talk about more important issues like Big Bird and binders?

Mediaprophet said...

Look, an Anonymous Fox News fan has resorted to ad hominem attacks! Shocker!