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Friday, November 2, 2012

Impacts 48 hours post Sandy on Patuxent watershed

While most of Howard County was spared the impacts of the Jersey shore and West Virginia and Western Maryland we can see some of the storm damage along the Patuxent River trail  from Lake Elkhorn down to Savage Park from the overflow of the Patuxent River.  I have blogged before about the importance of wetlands in controlling floods and the rapid disappearance of wetland around the United States.  

The three pictures above show the overflow being absorbed by the wetlands along the trail

The area shown above is a new pool of water that appeared post storm

 Recently new riverbanks were being built along the river and some of the bank washed away
By the way the grasses are laying down the river flowed over them during the storm.  The grasses also hold some of the overflow.
The buck above are a testament to the wildlife that lives along the area.  This buck was looking back toward his doe during this active mating season.

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