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Friday, November 23, 2012

The changing face of the Thanksgiving holiday

  When most employers started giving employees the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday and making a four day holiday period merchants went into high drive in their Black Friday promotions and we saw the shopping frenzy that followed.  But this change has also been picked up by the travel industry as a time to do some traveling and not just to visit the family.  Resorts have become packed during this period of time.  Ocean City and Rehoboth are popular places to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Following this trend we decided to spend the holiday in Williamsburg, Virginia at a Wyndham resort.  From the picture above you can see that we are not the only ones here.  In fact they are full during the next three days.  Beats dealing with the crowds in stores and getting bored watching football games.

Thought we were putting the stores behind but the concierge at the resort was pushing all the shopping opportunities at the outlet malls in the area when we checked in.  Seems to me to be sacrilegious to come to the area of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown just to shop.  What would our Founding Fathers think??

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