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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monte Cristo French Toast for Thanksgiving

     Last year I posted a special  Thanksgiving pancake made with sweet potato and pumpkin.    Somehow Thanksgiving with its mid afternoon dinner of turkey calls for a special breakfast.  This year I am posting a twist on a Monte Cristo sandwich.  Having had many different Monte Cristo sandwiches I began playing around with the concept to make a breakfast dish that brought out the normal elements with a twist.
     Having tried different stuffed french toast recipes I combined the ingredients this way:

1) Take two pieces of bread and cut off the crusts.  Use large pieces of bread to be able to pinch the edges later.
2) Scramble some eggs
3) Take the scrambled eggs and place one of the pieces of bread along with a slice of ham, a sharp cheese and raspberry jam.  Place mixture in the center of bread away from the edges.
4) Place the second piece of bread over the mixture and seal the edges of two bread slices together with a  fork
5) Dip the sandwich in beaten egg
6) Grill each side as you would with regular french toast.  I have a sandwich maker that works well for this.
7)  Sprinkle each with powdered sugar after grilling

I like to serve this with warm real maple syrup on the side in which to dip each bite.

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