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Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend Activities: Take a hike!

   Last weekend my wife and I headed up Route 70 to hike the Appalachian Trail near where it goes over Route 70.  Having driven under the walking bridge over Route 70 I thought it would be interesting to see it from the other perspective.   While we never made it to the overpass bridge it was a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in October than sitting at home watching a football game.  After all that is why the DVR was invented.
   While you can see that the trail was fairly easy to hike in this area there were times when you had to be careful of rocks and tree roots.
     In Columbia we are fortunate to have our path system that usually means walking outside our door and doing whatever distance walk we want.
The scenery on many of our paths makes us think we are in a more rural area.
    My favorite area to hike in HoCo is the Savage Park trails off of Vollmerhausen Road.
   If you want to travel just a little farther in our County the Patapsco State Park runs for 32 miles along the Howard County/Baltimore County line.  A trail guide for the park can be purchased for $3 at this link.   For a very complete link of trails near us from the C&O Canal to Rock Creek Park to the B&A trail go to this link
   The weather this weekend looks great so don't spend it indoors and go take a hike!

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