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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Using your United Way contribution to help Howard County directly

      Many employers are now involved in their United Way campaigns and many great Howard County non profits receive United Way funds by designation.  Today I want to mention a way to provide funding for Howard County agencies through Community Response Grants.  These grants can provide up to $7500 for immediate urgent needs. Unforeseen needs are always occurring with non profit operations that often operate on tight budgets.  Having just started to serve on the Howard County Community Partnerships Board I have seen how important these grants are to local agencies.  As the Columbia Patch explained:
   " UWCM's Community Partnership Board members help the organization identify and address the needs of the community at a very local level, serving as its eyes and ears in Howard County. The Community Partnership Board members take the lead in grant funding decision-making, and raise awareness about UWCM’s programs in the County."
   To make a United Way donation to the Howard County Community Partnership program go to this link . Choose to make your donation to the Community Partnership program.


Interesting way to do your pumpkins this year and easier than carving with a knife.

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