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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ellicott City is number 6 trip advisor's spookiest American towns

      While this Halloween Ellicott City is recovering from storm damage it has been selected as the 6th spookiest places in the United States.  Some of the haunted sites listed are:

1) Lilbrun Mansion on College Avenue- From the Website ",
"In Ellicott City, Lilburn Mansion's ghosts have been made public knowledge since the 1920's, with new stories being added to town lore throughout the years. In a small town, news travels fast.
The mansion was ruined in a fire around Christmas of 1923, though the new owner, John McGinnis, and his family got out safely. The mansion was completely redone, with the only structural change being the steepled gothic tower. The gothic peaks were taken off and stone battlements, similar to the top of a castle were put there instead. This change didn't meet the approval of the discerning unseen presences, who before this took place were unnoticed residents. The active manifestations began in earnest during this time, as entities don't like change of any kind. Being rich in the 19th century didn't guarantee that family members wouldn't fall victim to circumstance or disease or dumb human accidents. The Hazelhurst family lost several children. One daughter died in childbirth in this home. Mrs. Hazelhurst died as well. In fact, most of the Hazelhurst family died before Henry Richard Hazelhurst finally received his eternal rest or is he still residing in this mansion? Perhaps members of his family stayed to keep him company."
2) Patapsco Female Institute- From the website,
"The Patapsco Female Institute is found high above Ellicott City on Church Road. The view from the front lawn of the ruins, once a girl's school, is a commanding one and looks out small town, the hills and the river beyond. It is hard to imagine the place as it once looked, although valiant efforts in recent years have erased the signs of time and vandals and have restored at least a portion of the old building. It is not hard to imagine that this scenic and beautiful spot may become a little bit spookier once darkness comes to Ellicott City.... or that it is home to at least one ghost!  Annie Van Derlot, the daughter of a rich southern planter. She died from pneumonia during her first winter at the school and her ghost is said to still linger there, roaming the ruins where her classrooms and dormitory used to be. Annie was said to have resented being sent to the small mill town of Ellicott City to attend school. She sent a number of letters home which protested her "incarceration" and spoke badly of the school. One has to wonder how happy her spirit must be when wandering the despised building under the light of the moon. Needless to say, much has changed at the Institute over the years... but the stories of Annie's ghost remains, through the years of the school, through the occupants after and even up until today. A few years ago, a girl who found herself separated from a group of visitors to the site saw something that she will never forget. She was alone near the front steps of the school when she saw a young woman in a long gown walk out of the front doors, down the stone steps and across the lawn.... where she abruptly vanished. Was it Annie.... or some other spirit lingering behind at the former institute?"

    HoCoMoJo and Howard County Tourism even have a YouTube video look at the Haunted Tour of Ellicott City.  To make a reservation click here.

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JessieX said...

Many years ago -- near a couple of decades ago -- I almost rented an office in the tower shown in the top picture. The place was beautiful; the location, exquisite. And I just didn't have a good feeling about the place. Couldn't put my finger on it. Just knew that it was a "no."