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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our neighbors to the north: Carroll County

        With the Carroll County Commissioners passing a bill to make English the official language in Carroll County you may not know that there was also a drive to make English the official language in Maryland.  That attempt failed.  So you could say that Carroll County is not a bell weather county for Maryland.  At the same time the Howard County Council has extended anti discrimination protection to transgendered individuals.  Even though we are neighbors it shows how different the cultures are in each county.
        The level of xenophobia in the Republican party has long been something to which they have appealed for the past 10 or 20 years.  Fear of "people not like us" has led the Republicans to labeling President Obama policies as "foreign" and to question his origin of birth to this country.   As this Country moves to being more diverse demographically the party that doesn't adjust its positions to this reality will diminish in its political strength.  This doesn't mean that it will not resist this decline by what ever means it can as shown by the Republican efforts this year to limit minority voter access to polls through voter suppression.


Anonymous said...

How have Republicans attempted to suppress minority vote?

HoCo Connect said...

Here are a couple of examples

Anonymous said...

Pushing for voter IDs is not suppressing the vote, HoCo Disconnect. Nice try (not really).

Hoco Connect said...

Voter ID suppresses the vote of non drivers who tend to be in low income, minority urban areas and tend to vote Democratic. Voter ID laws are a solution in search of a problem.

Why the need to hide your opinions behind the anonymous name?

Anonymous said...

Voter IDs are a solution in search of a problem? Really? You buy that?

Why do you think people in poor urban areas tend to vote Democratic?

Why don't you worry about your lack of logic rather than my name.