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Monday, October 22, 2012

Ken Stevens: Someone you should know

      If you have ever read the letters to the editor of our local papers you have probably seen Ken Stevens letters.  That is how I first became familiar with his progressive opinions.  If there was a liberal, progressive view on one of our local, state or national issues you could count on Ken Stevens  to have a letter written.  After reading these letters I was interested in learning more about the person behind the letters.  I ran into Ken last week and asked him if I could talk with him a little to better understand his background and how he came to be a progressive.
      Ken was raised in New Hampshire, obtained a degree in government from the University of New Hampshire, enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi where he first saw how segregated the South was and became interested in the civil rights efforts.  After getting out of the Air Force he started to work for the Defense Department and moved to Howard County.  He continued his interest in civil rights by joining the local NAACP in the 1960's and serving as its political action chair.  When the Equal Rights for Women amendment was being proposed he joined the local NOW chapter and worked for the passage of that amendment.  Unfortunately the effort fell two states short of becoming part of the Constitution.  It is hard to believe but in the 25 years since that effort we are farther from having an amendment to the Constitution for equal rights for women.
      I caught up with Ken recently in our joint work for passage of the Marriage Equality referendum question on the Maryland ballot next month.  Ken and I have talked about jointly canvassing in the County this week.  When equal rights are being advanced you can count on Ken to be involved.


DawnP said...

So nice to see this post. Ken is a wonderful man and an amazing resource for political information at the national, state, and county level. I consider myself very lucky to count him as a friend!

Ken Stevens said...

I'm honored to be written about in this way by Duane and pleased at comment by my friend Dawn. It's for sure my skill set is much narrower than hers. I hope to keep doing what I can for as long as I can.