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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate questions I would like to ask tonight

   It is always fun to try and think of questions you would like to ask the candidates at tonight's Presidential debate.  Trying to think of a question that each candidate would not like to answer or for which they don't have a rehearsed answer is difficult.

Here are my questions for each candidate.
For President Obama:
1) Given that the situation in Afghanistan is unlikely to be improved significantly by 2014 why is it worth having more American soldiers killed in the next 2 years before the end of our involvement in the war?
2) Even with your re-election the Republicans will still probably control one House of Congress what will you do differently to build bipartisan agreement on the financial fixes for our economy?
3) Your administration has deported illegal aliens at the highest rate of any administration.  Do you see this deportation rate continuing at this level?

For Governor Romney:
1) What middle class tax deduction will you end to pay for your proposed 20% overall tax cut?
2) If Congress again passed the Dream Act would you veto it?
3) You have indicated that you will repeal the Affordable Health Care Act but like some parts.  Which parts will you propose to reinstate?

For both candidates:
 1) Name two people who are examples of the type of person you would appoint to the Supreme Court.
2) Give your specifics on how to fix the funding issues with Social Security and Medicare.

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