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Friday, March 2, 2012

What happened to March's Lion?

      One of the great things about running early in the morning is that you get to experience the weather of all the seasons and especially the seasonal change.  Yesterday was one of those mornings with the temperature in the 50's and the morning light providing some daylight at the end of my run.  This is something I miss with the late sunrises of the winter months.  I really don't like how I will loose an hour of light when we turn our clocks ahead next weekend.

        The skunk weed is starting to sprout and even though it does have the smell of a skunk it still is a reminder that Spring is close. The ducks on Lake Elkhorn are starting to pair up.  I have even noticed the early blooming of some daffodils this year.   I think I only missed one day of running because of weather.  The lowest temperature I saw in the morning was 16 degrees once. Did anyone really miss the winter weather this year? If you did there is a state called Maine you might want to consider.

P. S.
Baby Boomer trivia quiz.  Which band outsold the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined in 1967? Hint--Their lead singer died this week.

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