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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dobbin Developments: Mirchi Wok, Mango Grove and new Starbucks Reopened

I saw a sign that my favorite restaurant, Mango Grove/Mirchi Wok has reopened in their new location off Dobbin Rd at 8865 Stanford Boulevard.  This is in the old location of the Mongolian Grill.  The new location is near the Riverside Coffee.  Unlike the old restaurant the seating for both restaurants is combined with a menu that includes the vegetarian and meat choices of the old location.

The new location for the Starbucks on Dobbin has opened where the Mango Grove used to be.  It has a drive thru but that seems to have presented a problem when I was there last evening.  Seems like they haven't worked out the staffing with the extra work of the drive thru.  Having just 2 staff didn't appear to be enough staffing.  The seating is also different in that they must have assumed that with the drive thru not as many people would sit inside.  The reduced seating didn't seem adequate at the new location.

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