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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Facebook Blues

        How often have you heard someone say they are quitting Facebook and yet cutting the cord  is something few of us do?  That feeling came to me recently when I inadvertently turned off all the thumbnail photos for my friends on Facebook.  I didn’t realize I was doing this when I unclicked a box that had inadvertently come up.  If anyone can tell me how to restore my friend’s thumbnail photos I would appreciate it.

       This leads me to the main reason for my frustration with Facebook.  They give us an opportunity to stay connect with many folks we rarely see or connect with on a regular basis but they force us to play by their rules which are designed to work only to their benefit.  Being able to change something you don’t like on Facebook is near impossible which is what they want.  Their account settings tab are worthless.  It doesn’t really give you the ability to change anything in your settings except your basic personal information.  Most other programs let you adjust your settings in many different ways.  I have become skilled at learning how to adjust settings in most of my programs but still can’t figure out how to do anything on Facebook.

        The help feature on Facebook is worthless! Type in even the simplest question and nothing even remotely addressing your question comes up.  Even googling the question only leads you to sites that want you to join or pay for the answer.  This only seems to happen with questions about Facebook.  Has Facebook figured out how to block any real answers on the web?  I know that sounds paranoid but the level of control that Facebook seems to want makes me paranoid.

        Everyday I am coming closer to pulling the plug on Facebook.  Its been interesting but our relationship has just become too complicated.

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