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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Drink Choices at Family Market in Long Reach

My second visit to the new Family Market in Long Reach in the old Safeway speech left me going for some of the drinks that looked too good to past up.

I have been a fan of the aloe drink that you find in the Asian section of many grocery stores but the Family Market had aloe drink with mango and strawberry.  Intrigued by the possibility of using this to make a smoothie I bought both the strawberry and mango drinks.  Adding some fruit, milk and aloe drink flavors and mixing in some ice made a great smoothie.  Adding some sweetener is an option.
The second drink that I discovered was raisin tea.  This is a tea drink that has a very pleasant taste that seems familiar but I can't quite remember where I have had this tea.  But definitely a tea to try if you like tea.
The final drink is the chocolate from Mexico called Ibarra.  You have to break off a piece of the chocolate and crush it before adding to steaming milk.  I added a little sugar.  I tastes has some cinnamon in it and while I don't care for cinnamon it was still a drink I enjoyed.
Finally I bought more of the soy sauce with lime flavor that I have started to use in all my dishes that use soy sauce.  I mentioned before that mixing this with a little rice vinegar makes a very good dipping sauce for meats.

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