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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Learn a little Columbia history with the Columbia Achives WalkAlong

From the Columbia Archives:
 There is history all around us; you just have to know where to look. On Saturday, May 12, join Columbia Archives on one of three WalkAlongs and get to know some of Columbia’s hidden treasures. Three different walking tours will start out from Columbia Town Center at 10 a.m. Trained guides will lead the groups.  

Tour 1 will set off across Route 29 via the pedestrian bridge to Oakland Mills. Participants will take a historical journey from Howard County’s agrarian roots through the development and on-going refinements of Oakland Mills Village.
Tour 2 will venture to Wilde Lake and the neighborhood of The Birches. The emphasis will be on the mid-20th century architecture of the custom-built homes and the 19th-century structures that were a part of Oakland Manor.
Tour 3 will explore the softer side of Town Center. A wooded path along a stream connects the lakefront and the Vantage Point neighborhood. Now, and more so in the future as Columbia sees increased development of the Town Center, this well-thought-out plan to incorporate nature in our everyday lives is an important tenet of Columbia.
The tours are free but registration is required and limited to 30 people per tour. Registration is now available online at For more information, please call 410-715-3103 or e-mail

It happens to everyone and yesterday it happened to me.  My 5 year old computer died the "blue death."  It was my last desktop computer.  My new laptop is fast compared to that old 512 RAM desktop.  In a few years my new laptop will probably be slow too but for now it is like driving a new sports car.  Thanks to Mozy all my saved files are now on my new laptop.  Just had to load all my software.  Trying to find the disks for all my software was a pain.

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