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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What exactly is a Fireplace Pie?

One of the treats when my family would visit my in-laws in Illinois each winter would be having fireplace pies.  These pies go back to colonial times when all food was cooked in a fireplace.  Two pieces of buttered bread with a fruit filling cooked in a fireplace was an early colonial dessert.  Even without a fireplace you can enjoy this dessert.  Take 2 pieces of bread, soft white bread works best, trim the crust edges off and butter one side of two pieces like if you were making a grilled cheese sandwich.  With the buttered sides out put some canned fruit filling, cherry is my favorite, between the two pieces.  Take a fork and pinch the edges to seal in the fruit filling.  Use a sandwich maker if you have one or just make on the stove the way you would make a grilled cheese sandwich.  After cooking roll the pie in some sugar and serve with some ice cream.

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