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Sunday, January 22, 2012

TV worth watching--Nature on PBS

With the proliferation of cable channels like the History Channel and the Discovery Channel the question is the Public Broadcasting System necessary?  Shows like Nature on PBS show why the PBS system is still relevant.  If you haven't been a viewer of this program you have missed one of the best shows on television.  This week at 8 pm on Wednesday the show is about bears in Alaska that shows the quality of the show.  Watch it and see what I mean.

One of the best shows they have had on this year is about an elephant named Echo.

Enjoy Etta James who died this week.
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bearmom32 said...

I watch Nature regularly and agree; the Echo story was memorable. I also loved "Broken Tail: A Tiger's Last Journey." If anyone hasn't seen either of these shows, watch online at and DONATE!