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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do you what happened 5 years ago that changed how we do many things today?

Five years ago yesterday Steve Jobs unveiled the IPhone and the world of apps was created.  Can you believe that before 2007 no one had an app?  Originally the IPhone was thought of as a phone that could surf the net.  The world of apps has given us the ability to do many of the things for which we used to have a separate mechanism. Does anyone buy a camera or camcorder these days?  How about a GPS for your car? Need a flashlight? Want to listen into to a Howard County Police and Fire scanner? Turn a photo into a drawing? Need an alarm clock? A calculator? Tell you how far or how fast you ran or biked? Want to do a crossword puzzle? Find a good restaurant in a new city? There are apps for all of these. I have only had a smart phone for a few months and already replaced most of the other gadgets I used to use before I had a smart phone.
What is in the future?  How about a smart phone LCD projector like the one pictured above?  This is already available from China.

Want to have a regular size keyboard for your smart phone without carrying a keyboard around?  Watch this video.  How about smart phones replacing banks and credit cards?  This is how.  Maybe it is only time before we microwave our food with a smart phone app!!

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