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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Five things about Columbia names you may not have known

In visiting the Columbia Archives I always find out something interesting about Columbia.  Today I thought it would be interesting to do a quiz on how we got some of the names of places in Columbia.

1) How did Wilde Lake gets its name?
No it wasn't for Oscar Wilde. The first step to the success of Columbia was the arrangement with Connecticut General Life Insurance Company. Under the leadership of Frazar Wilde, Connecticut General invested $23 million and formed a partnership with Rouse’s company to develop the new city. Rouse acknowledged the importance of this commitment in the ceremonies dedicating Wilde Lake.

2) How did Columbia get its name?
Jim Rouse like the name used for Route 29---- Columbia Pike

3) How did the American Cities Building get its name?
Named for its original tenant, the American City Corporation - a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Rouse Company.

4) How did Lake Elkhorn get its name?
Many people think it is named after the shape of the Lake but it is named for the Elkhorn branch of the Little Patuxent River which was dammed to form Lake Elkhorn.

5) How did Lake Kittamaqundi get its name?
The name comes from an Indian word meaning "meeting place." 

P. S.
Next "Meet the Author" event at the East Columbia is Saturday February 4th at 1 pm.  The author is Dorothy Bailey who wrote "In a Different Light: Reflections and Beauty of a Wise Woman of Color."  Register at this link

P.S. 2
Yesterday was a hard day for bloggers and students with no Wikipedia.  Made us remember BW-- "before Wikipedia."  Thank goodness we still had Google.

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