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Friday, May 20, 2016

Wine in the Woods 2016

   Once again this weekend is one of the biggest events of the year in Howard County with Wine in the Woods.  The weather once again is a factor on when people will go.  With the rain outlook for Saturday I would bet the crowds will hold off till Sunday.  Here is a map of the vendors and a list of the vineyards at this year's event. 

Basignani Winery
Big Cork Vineyards
Boordy Vineyards
Bordeleau Vineyards & Winery
Cove Point Winery
Cygnus Wine Cellars
DeJon Vineyard
Dragonfly Winery/LoveHappinessSangria
Elk Run Vineyards & Winery
Far Eastern Shore Winery
Fiore Winery
Fridays Creek Winery
Great Frogs Winery
Great Shoals Winery
Harford Vineyards
Knob Hall Winery
Layton’s Chance Vineyard & Winery
Linganore Winecellars
Olney Winery
Orchid Cellar Meadery & Winery
Port of Leonardtown Winery
Red Heifer Winery
Royal Rabbit Vineyards
Running Hare Vineyard
Solomons Island Winery
St. Michaels Winery
The Urban Winery*
Turkey Point
Winecream - Crossroad Company*

*New in 2016


    If Sonny would have only had an EZ Pass!


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