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Friday, May 13, 2016

HomeSlyce Pizza

   My tour of new pizza restaurants continues with trying HomeSlyce Pizza on Snowden River Parkway.  This Baltimore based pizza company has recently ventured into Howard County.  I tried the Margarita pizza pictured above with a Groupon I had purchased.  When purchasing the Groupon I checked to see if it listed the Howard County site as I have been stuck in the past with a Groupon that only applied to a location not close to me.  However when I tried to use the Groupon at the Columbia site they said it only applied at the Baltimore site.  After I told the manager that I had made sure that the Columbia store was listed when I purchased the Groupon he did honor the coupon.
    Now my rating of the pizza.  Average crust, good sauce and good toppings.  B- but worth a visit.


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