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Thursday, May 19, 2016

The original reality show--Survivor

     Another season of Survivor wrapped up last night and I have to admit that I have watched every season of this show. Anyone who is interested in human dynamics can't help but get caught up in a show like Survivor. It may not be surprising that Survivor reminds me of my favorite book as a youth--"Lord of the Flies." Even with the heavy editing to build characters and story lines the dynamics of human interaction gets played out in ways that we can all see parallels to our own lives. The very first season with Richard Hatch showed that the key to winning the game was forming alliances with the right people. Who hasn't experienced work alignments that shape office culture and getting promotions? How do you select your life alignments that bond you to certain groups? Are you a leader of groups or a follower who just wants to keep their head down and out of the line of fire? Have you ever "blindsided" someone to gain a personal advantage?

    I know that some younger folks might dispute the fact of Survivor being the original reality show by pointing out MTV's "Real World" predates Survivor but Survivor was the first prime time reality show.

    Here is one person's take on how to win (or avoid losing) on Survivor.

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