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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Howard County's Roving Radish

From the Health Department's Roving Radish program:


The Roving Radish is a Howard County program dedicated to promoting healthy farm to table eating habits to our community, while creating sustainable markets for our local and regional farms. We achieve this by selling healthy meal kits, sourced from local and regional farms, to our community. The meal kits are made available to all Howard County residents, and are offered at a discounted price to those in need.

We have two different meal kits, standard and premium. Our standard meal kit includes ingredients to make two dinners for a family of four. Our premium meal kit is offered at different times through out the year and includes one dinner for a family of four. Our premium meal kits have a more expensive protein that we could not afford to offer in our standard meal kits. All of our meal kits include ingredients source from local farms whenever possible. We make preparing our meal kits easy by processing the produce (dicing, slicing, cubing etc.) and measuring vegetable and spices needed for the recipes. Household staples like milk, sugar, pepper, oil etc. may not be included in our meal kit but will be specified recipe card. Roving Radish recipes have been selected using Healthy Howard guidelines and have no more than 750 calories, less than 30% of calories coming from fat and no more than 1050 mg of sodium.


Standard Meal Price - $28.00 for a meal kit with two meals for a family of four.

Premium Meal Kit Price - $28.00 for a meal kit with one meals for a family of four.

Subsidized Price* - $12.00 for standard or premium meal kit.

Roving Radish Volunteers Needed

Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

The Roving Radish promotes local farms and healthy eating. Each week from spring to fall, the Roving Radish program buys regionally grown food straight from the farm and prepares meal kits that are easy to cook since most of the prep work has been done. The meal kits include the ingredients needed to make two dinners, each feeding four people. The meal kits are available for purchase to all Howard County residents and are offered at a discounted price to those in need.

Orders can be placed now - meal kit pickups will start the week of May 30th. For more details and pickup locations visit

Volunteers are needed to help prepare the meal kits. Volunteers wash and prepare vegetables and assemble kits. Volunteering with Roving Radish is best for adults, but minors age 16 and up can participate with a parent's permission. Younger children are only allowed if accompanied by a volunteering adult.

The Roving Radish meal kit prep is done in Glenwood, MD at the Old Bushy Park school. To sign up, visit and click on the Roving Radish box on the front page. All volunteers must fill out the on-line application and make an account on the website. The on-line application is short, we promise. You can then sign up directly for a shift.

The Roving Radish is a partnership between Howard County government, the Horizon Foundation, the United Way, and Howard County General Hospital. If you have questions, please email James Zoller at "

   Trash and recycling pickups slide one day this week. 


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